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Federated Identity Management


Federated Access Management


Multi-factor Authentication


Single Sign-On Anywhere


Manage Millions of Identities


Capture & Manage Customer Profiles

Support Requests

Existing customers should use our Customer Portal. If you are not yet a customer and are still evaluating our software, please use our contact form.

Add Ons

Note: These add-ons require the installation of PingFederate Server to operate. To download an add-on, you must have an active license and you must be signed on to the Ping Identity Web site with the email address used to obtain the license. If you are not already signed on, you will be asked to do so when you select an add-on product.



*Available for download free of charge with your PingFederate Server license.


**Not included in standard SSO Subscription license. There is an additional fee for this integration kit. Please contact your account representative for more information or fill out the form on our contact us page.