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Download PingID as a mobile application for your iOS or Android device, or as a simple and secure desktop application for macOS or Windows. Fully managed by Ping, these applications help enterprises provide convenient security factors that ensure their employees and partners are who they say they are.



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DOWNLOAD FOR macOS ChecksumSHA256 = 03a73d444b86878c8413fe3955d5846b769153e6728013b18aa66b4157b1f522 download for windows ChecksumSHA256 = 2ad9d0e9095a9cbfb3bccea916f33ce819469d2aca291372e8935bcc9c8a150a

SDK Integration Kit

The PingID SDK is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for your customers that prioritizes security and convenience. For MFA, it allows you to send push notifications from your own mobile application, or to send one-time passcodes (OTPs) via email, SMS or voice. It also includes the ability to login with a QR code to give your customers passwordless and usernameless authentication. This integration kit has everything you need to deploy the PingID SDK standalone or with PingFederate. The download includes:

  • A mobile SDK to embed secure, user-friendly MFA into your own mobile app (including server-side and mobile sample apps).

  • A PingFederate adapter that allows you to trigger MFA from PingFederate policies.

  • A PingFederate connector to provision and manage user lifecycles in the PingID SDK.

download ChecksumSHA256 = d4d810bd4caecf64e9b8e6c9323df9d513effbe6fde9caf54b3bffe435d15e08

* By downloading the PingID SDK Integration Kit you agree to the license terms.



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PingFederate SSO




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Windows Login




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