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  • Webinar

    July 22 | Thomson Reuters Goes Beyond Modernization with Ping
    In this webinar, Jon will walk you through two key components of the automated authentication solution he built for his enterprise using Ping products.

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  • Conference

    August 3-8 | Black Hat USA 2019
    Now in its 22nd year, Black Hat USA is the world's leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development and trends.

  • Webinar

    August 6 | Managing User and Device Risk in Zero Trust Environments with iovation, Ping and Equifax
    Join us as we discuss the broad range of user and device risk signals and enforcement points required to improve security.


July 22

Thomson Reuters Goes Beyond Modernization with Ping

At Ping, we partner closely with power users like Jon Lehtinen at Thomson Reuter to learn areas we can streamline and accelerate our enterprise offerings. We hear about innovative use cases like Thomson Reuters and it inspires us to productize and rapidly bake those into our product roadmap. In this webinar we’ll highlight two new features inspired by customers like Jon: 1) our supported containerization deployment model for Ping software products and 2) PingCentral, a new beta software offering from Ping Identity that empowers business teams with a self-service portal for authentication and SSO for applications.

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August 3-8

Black Hat USA 2019

For more than 20 years, Black Hat Briefings have provided attendees with the very latest in information security research, development, and trends in a strictly vendor-neutral environment. These high-profile global events and Trainings are driven by the needs of the security community, striving to bring together the best minds in the industry. Black Hat inspires professionals at all career levels, encouraging growth and collaboration among academia, world-class researchers, and leaders in the public and private sectors.


August 6

Managing User and Device Risk in Zero Trust Environments with iovation, Ping and Equifax

Join iovation, Ping Identity and Equifax as they discuss the broad range of user and device risk signals and enforcement points required to improve security in workforce and customer use cases. Webinar attendees will learn about:


  • Risk signals needed to improve security decision making
  • Enforcement points required to achieve Zero Trust
  • Layered approaches to adaptive authentication
  • Starting points on the path to Zero Trust Security
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August 7

Identity Tech Labs - PingOne for Customers

Interactive and hands-on Identity Tech Labs breakfast session: ‘PingOne for Customers - A Fast, Simple and Secure CIAM Solution’. During this session, our identity experts will show you how our API-first cloud solution significantly reduces build times for SaaS, web, mobile or single-page applications for your customers whilst delivering engaging experiences and securing identities.

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August 13

Gaining a Hacker's Perspective of API Vulnerabilities

You’ll hear from “red teaming,” penetration testing, and API security experts who will go through best practices on how to monitor, log and report your API activity to understand hacking behavior and prevent it in the future. Attendees will be able to ask questions and come away with a better understanding of:


  • Methods hackers use to uncover API vulnerabilities
  • Traffic you should be logging to detect hacking behavior
  • Information forensic and compliance reports must contain
  • AI based solutions which can provide increased visibility
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August 27

IDC Security Conference 2019

Ensuring corporate security in times of digital transformation

At the IDC Security Conference 2019, we will present advanced security solutions and approaches that enable you to meet the needs of the business while ensuring a secure enterprise environment. You will learn the key factors to consider when allocating resources to reduce your organization's attack surface, reduce security and privacy risks, and develop security technology efficiency.


September 19

CIAM, The Key To Improve User Experience And Relation With Partners

Join Ping Identity and Digital.Security experts on September 19th to discuss Customer IAM new challenges and benefits at the Hôtel L'Hermitage Gantois in Lille, France.


September 25-26

TibcoNow: London

Fuel innovation through digital transformation and empower your organization to innovate everywhere. Join us in London for this leg of the TIBCO NOW Global Tour 2019. On September 25–26, 2019, we will gather with innovation leaders from all around the world to understand what drives innovation and its impact.




Let's get real. It’s that time of year again. When real Ping customers share real stories about real hybrid IT challenges they’re solving with our intelligent identity platform. If you're a current or prospective Ping customer, a security or IAM professional, IT architect, CISO or line of business owner, IDENTIFY has something for you. Come experience the Ping difference at one of our four locations around the world! It’s time to think inside the box.


October 9-12

Les Assises

Les Assises is the main event on cybersecurity and information systems in France dedicated to end-users and decision markers in IT. Come and find us this year again on our booth to discuss the current IAM and API protection topics.


October 27-30

Money 20/20

Money20/20 brings together those playing a key role in the movement to fundamentally disrupt and enhance every aspect of money. This past October, united thousands of the most powerful, brilliant and pioneering innovators to collaborate, educate and drive the industry forward. By bringing these leaders together and onto our stages, this event is able to ignite a revolutionary spirit lasting beyond the 4 days spent at Money20/20.

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November 12-14

Cyber Access Summit 2019

Shape the future of digital transformation and discuss with colleagues and industry experts. The program of the Cyber Access Summit 2019 will focus on current topics and trends in the field of Identity and Access Management. Learn more about modern IAM technologies and gain a competitive advantage for your company.


December 10-12

Gartner IAM Summit 2019

Businesses demand that IAM protect assets, ensure compliance and enable great customer experience the “digital way”: agile, efficient and customer-friendly. At Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2019, you’ll learn how to deliver successful IAM programs that takes business wherever digital transformation leads.