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what it does

Balance Security and Convenience

PingID is a cloud-based, multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that drastically improves your security posture in minutes. With adaptive authentication policies, you can rest assured that security is stepped up in high-risk scenarios and streamlined for low-risk users and applications. PingID protects applications accessed via single sign-on (SSO), integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure AD, Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and Windows Login, and  allows you to embed branded MFA functionality directly into your own mobile application.


what it does

Stop Breaches. 

Protect Data.

The threat is real. From phishing and SSH attacks to account takeovers, it’s no surprise that 81% of data breaches are due to compromised credentials. That’s why it’s imperative to confirm the identity of your users. With PingID, you can quickly increase security with cloud-delivered MFA, without sacrificing user experience for your employees, partners and customers who need access.

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what it does

Modernize Your Digital Business

  • Authentication Methods

    Easily add and select from multiple authentication methods and devices on the fly. Mobile push authentication methods such as swipe, tap, fingerprint and facial recognition can be used from mobile devices, along with SMS one-time passcodes (OTP). But when users leave their mobile devices at home they can still securely sign on using a range of alternative second factors such as FIDO-compliant authenticators, voice and email OTPs, a PIN-protected desktop application, Yubikeys, Apple Watches, Nymi Bands and more.

  • Broad Enterprise Use Cases

    PingID makes MFA easy while supporting all of your enterprise use cases, apps and APIs. It’s simple to deploy for common initiatives like MFA for Office 365 and VPN access. It’s also easy to integrate with on-premises or cloud-hosted web apps through SSO and web access management systems via the PingID authentication API or authentication and authorization policies. You can even embed MFA functionality directly into your own customer-facing mobile app with the PingID SDK. Plus, an offline MFA mode allows users to authenticate locally without an Internet connection.

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  • User Self-service

    Improve productivity and lower helpdesk costs with a comprehensive set of user self-service capabilities. PingID allows your users to add new mobile devices and select from multiple secondary authentication methods if their primary method or device is unavailable. Self-service can also be provided for registration and enrollment, updating and unpairing the PingID mobile application, pairing to new organizations and sending event logs when troubleshooting is required.

  • Branding

    PingID offers opportunities to brand and customize multiple steps in the user journey. The native mobile application, desktop application, user notifications and registration, and enrollment screens are all customizable to your organization's brand and can be localized to your organization’s geographic footprint.

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  • Rapid Deployment

    You can easily implement cloud-delivered MFA in minutes for many common use cases like MFA for Office 365 and VPN access. No more time spent setting up a local, on-premises MFA footprint or issuing hard tokens. You can also integrate PingID with Azure AD, AD FS, VPN or PingFederate, our authentication authority, in just minutes. And centralized administration for MFA within PingID means that managing MFA to these various integrations will be easy. With PingID, you can quickly add strong authentication while maintaining a streamlined user experience.

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how it does it

Use Data to

Step up Security

Adaptive MFA uses a variety of risk and contextual factors to keep users and enterprises more productive and secure. With PingID, you can apply MFA to specific applications or apply it based on the group membership of certain users, while maintaining stringent security policies like enforcing device uniqueness for each user. To allow users to conduct low-value transactions without interruption, you can leverage contextual data such as device posture, device management, geolocation, geovelocity, IP address and IP reputation, and time since the last authentication—all while automatically prompting for MFA in high-risk scenarios. With PingID, more security actually means a better experience—and happier users.

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how it does it

Embed MFA into Your App

Busy customers don’t want to download an additional third-party MFA application, and using SMS or email as your only second factor can lead to security vulnerabilities. With the PingID mobile SDK, you can balance security and convenience for customers by embedding advanced MFA functionality directly into your own iOS or Android mobile apps. Mobile devices with your app installed can leverage unique device identifiers to become a secure, trusted device for that customer. Now, with custom push notifications from your own app, customers can approve high-value transactions, web authentications and much more. The SDK supports backup MFA factors to provide customers with a secure and convenient user experience. Plus, with a QR-based sign-on flow, you can provide your customers a passwordless sign-on experience.


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The PingId Mobile SDK Helps You:

Allow customers to approve MFA requests with a fingerprint.

Include transaction details in MFA messages.

Allow customers to manage their own trusted devices.

Use SMS, email and voice OTPs as backup second factors.

Use QR codes to sign on without a password.

how it does it

No Hardware. Fewer Headaches.

Faster Deployments.

As a cloud service, PingID is easy to install and set up. It provides your users strong authentication for all of the applications they need to get work done—no matter where they are. By cutting out on-premises infrastructure and clunky hardware tokens, PingID reduces the hardware burden on administrators and users alike. Plus, to enable a seamless migration path, it integrates with multiple third-party authentication providers. Common administrative tasks like user lifecycle management and event reporting can be fully automated to ease the support burden. If you’re evaluating MFA providers, read our checklist for five key things you should consider.


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