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Authenticate employees across any application, any directory and any situation

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Simplify Authentication Complexity

Organizations are overwhelmed with multi-generational IT. They need to maintain their existing legacy systems and also take advantage of cloud benefits in the race to deliver new products and services. Today’s enterprises need an identity-based workforce authentication authority that's capable of extending across any environment with speed, scale and security.

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Workforce Authentication Authority

Our Workforce360 solution provides authentication for everyone and everything by working across multiple silos to enable a streamlined workforce experience. You can deliver secure, consistent experiences to your employees, no matter where they are, centralized authentication services that make your organization more productive, secure and agile. Create the identity foundation to accelerate your digital transformation.


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Boost Employee Productivity

Enable your workforce no matter where they are. Workforce360 allows enterprises to navigate complex use cases, remote workers, various devices and diverse security/risk scenarios with centralized authentication services. Empower your employees to get work done with seamless sign-on experiences.

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Security without Friction

Passwords remain the most common vulnerability for security breaches. Protect your workforce and valuable enterprise assets by embracing multi-factor authentication (MFA), secure passwordless sign-on and Zero Trust models. Workforce360 leverages identity intelligence and powerful adaptive authentication policies that evaluate a user’s devices, behavior and other context beyond passwords to dynamically assess risk and respond appropriately.

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Move at the Speed of Business

Enterprise IT must keep pace with the business, or business units will resort to shadow IT and siloed approaches. Workforce360 makes it easy to accelerate your business forward and manage identity across your enterprise with self-service admin APIs, delegated administration and market-leading integration and extensibility to bridge the gaps in your hybrid, multi-cloud environment. With Workforce360, you can leverage the latest cloud technologies so you can rapidly deploy in the cloud of your choice.

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What's Included in the
Workforce360 Solution

  • Single Sign-on

    Decrease password risk, reduce help desk calls and break down authentication silos with standards-based single sign-on (SSO) that works with any application, any cloud, any directory and in any situation.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    Effectively mitigate 99% of password-based attacks with multi-factor authentication (MFA) you can rapidly deploy anywhere. Choose from a full suite of authentication methods like biometrics, push notifications and FIDO-enabled passwordless options. Add adaptive and contextual policies to further balance strong security with convenience and productivity.

  • Directory

    Secure your workforce credentials, application data and profiles in a scalable, flexible directory that keeps you in control while decreasing cost and complexity. Data sync capabilities allow you to create a single source of truth, and eliminate or reduce your legacy directory footprint on your terms.

  • Simplified Management

    A centralized administration portal delivers speed and agility to business application admins across your enterprise through self-service templates for onboarding and managing applications.

  • Identity Intelligence

    Adaptive authentication policies and risk/fraud signals can determine the level of assurance associated with each authentication request. This allows the appropriate actions, like step-up authentication, to permit or deny access as needed.

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Cloud Your Way

Workforce360 provides centralized authentication services that integrate with diverse applications and resources across hybrid IT environments. It leverages the latest cloud deployment methods to support a wide range of private cloud and on-premises options. You can rapidly deploy Workforce360 in the cloud of your choice, or you can choose to have Ping take infrastructure management off your plate with a highly configurable and secure dedicated environment.

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Accelerate Time to Value

We realize that identity transformations are mission-critical projects. We make sure to connect you with the right resources to ensure your organization starts realizing benefits immediately.


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  • Quick Wins

    Open standards support and market-leading extensibility ensure you can start realizing value from day one.

  • Legacy Integrations

    We’re trusted by the largest enterprises in the world because of our ability to handle complex, non-standard integrations out of the box.

  • Professional Services

    You can realize faster ROI through our complementary solution accelerators, advisory modules and tailored solutions.

  • Partners

    No matter what region, identity or industry expertise you need, our vast network of partners has you covered.

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Calculate the Business Value, Instantly

When you invest in workforce identity—championing projects around centralized authentication services, passwordless authentication, self-service IAM application onboarding, and Zero Trust—you are boosting productivity, security, and agility in specific ways. Use our assessment tool to estimate how much value you could bring to your enterprise with Workforce360 and more.


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Gates Powers Up

with Workforce360


Gates Corporation was burdened by disparate authentication systems and lacked a single source of truth about its workforce users. Like many large organizations, they were managing access to a range of applications, from in-house solutions to SaaS apps. As they built the foundation for the company’s security program, they needed a flexible, standards-based solution that supported a wide spectrum of applications.



Gates found the solution they were seeking in the Ping Intelligent Identity platform. Workforce360 enabled enterprise-wide SSO, providing employees with secure and seamless access to all applications, regardless of where they reside. Multi-factor authentication capabilities help the Gates team ensure their users are who they claim to be, while a unified directory securely stores and manages employee data in a single, central data repository.


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