data access governance

Secure, governed access to valuable customer data

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what it solves

maximize the value of customer data

Giving applications unrestricted access to your customers’ identity and profile data can lead to privacy violations, increased risk of breach and lost customer trust. Even if access to a specific user profile is granted, internal and external applications may only need access to a subset of those identity attributes. Privacy directives, like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), may also require the capture of user consent before sharing data. However, you can’t consistently enforce data access on an app-by-app basis. What you need are centralized data access governance policies with fine-grained, attribute-by-attribute control. And this is where PingDataGovernance comes in.

how it solves it

ensure regulatory compliance

PingDataGovernance gives you centralized, fine-grained policy control over access to your stored identity and profile data. You can restrict internal and external applications from accessing specific attributes or entire identity profiles. Policies can help you adhere to privacy regulations and corporate mandates by restricting access to identity and profile data based on user consent, the requesting application and even external data sources.

how it solves it

balance personalization and privacy across a global customer base

By enforcing declarative policies that can coexist and complement each other, PingDataGovernance helps you meet diverse privacy regulations across your customer base, depending on region, industry and corporate policy. You can require customer consent before allowing partners to access customer data. You can restrict access to sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). And policies can be enforced based on customer profile attributes like citizenship, age or consent preferences. Combined, these centralized policies ensure regulatory compliance while pre-built self-management UIs give customers full control and insight over who has access to their data.

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how it solves it

share data easily in the format needed

When applications access unified customer profiles, they may require identity attributes to be presented in predefined ways. Some applications might be able to accept a user’s first and last name as separate attributes, while a legacy app using a rigid data schema may need them combined. PingDataGovernance can control how identity attributes are presented to each application. This allows all applications to access centralized identity and profile data and have it presented in a format that doesn’t require time consuming app-by-app schema modifications.

how it solves it

delegate account access

PingDataGovernance can be used to centrally manage access to identity and profile data for customer service reps, heads of household or any other delegated account administrator. You can limit the scope of users that a search returns to only those a delegated administrator has the right to view. And through centralized authorization policies, you can define which specific attributes delegated administrators can view and edit within an identity profile.

the proof

making marketing sense of 100 million customers


One of America’s largest retailers needed to govern access to the data of their nearly 100 million customers, based on criteria that made them eligible for marketing campaigns. They needed to prevent applications from accessing certain attributes of ineligible customers so they could meet customer privacy expectations and enforce communication preferences.



The retail giant used PingDataGovernance to centrally define attributes that qualified “marketable” customers. The apps requesting their information were only given the appropriate marketing attributes of customers who qualified and only basic attributes for those who didn’t.  

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