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Today’s workforce and consumers need digital access everywhere, which means you need to ensure that your digital assets are both accessible and secure. But the complexity and on-premises requirements of legacy web access management (WAM) systems and the single-use nature of API gateways leave enterprises stuck in the middle. Enter PingAccess, which can centrally manage authorization capabilities and secure both your applications and APIs in any domain, for users in any location.

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  • PingAccess provides the comfort of knowing that only the right users can access sensitive resources. A comprehensive policy engine ensures that users are signed on with the appropriate authorization down to the URL level. Administrators can customize access policies based on user attributes such as groups, location, time or device.

  • PingAccess offers a second check on user identity by applying policies in context, evaluating a diverse range of methods and circumstances in which the user is requesting access. OAuth attributes, network and time ranges and more can be used to confirm the user’s identity during authorization.

  • Want to reduce processes for administrators and application owners? Need to reduce the number of stakeholders to ensure compliance? PingAccess consolidates the administration of access security and web sessions to a single console, where policies for web applications and APIs can be written, managed and updated.  

  • Flexible deployment options include agent and gateway models to meet different customer needs. A gateway model can provide access control, web session management and identity-based auditing centrally while an agent-based model can be deployed on servers without requiring network or infrastructure modifications. You can implement gateways, agents or both, and they can be used on premises or in the cloud. PingAccess is also designed out-of-the-box for cloud automated deployment and auto-scaling in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Ping builds solutions on open standards to enable any required use case. PingAccess accepts secure REST and SOAP-based services using SAML, OAuth, OIDC, WS-Fed and WS-Trust. It also includes numerous out-of-the-box adapters, agents and token translators that make it easy to integrate with existing applications. By enabling secure digital partnerships and allowing third-party APIs to access application and resource information, PingAccess ultimately improves productivity. To see what a modern access management platform is made of, read our white paper.

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You can deploy PingAccess on-premises or in public or private clouds to protect all of your assets, no matter where they’re hosted. PingAccess supports cloud automated deployment, auto-scaling and zero downtime upgrades to accelerate a cloud-first strategy. PingAccess can also protect on-premises applications using cloud identity stores like Azure AD. To see how our Microsoft partnership helps you connect more on-premises apps to Azure AD, read our white paper. 

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To connect to a variety of new and old technology applications, Western Governors University (WGU) needed to replace OpenSSO in order to support modern protocols such as SAML and OpenID Connect. In addition, they needed to protect both APIs and applications through a single access gateway.



PingFederate with PingAccess was found to be superior in performance and lower in admin overhead than any other solution evaluated. It gave WGU the simple access to applications that user wanted and the controlled access to resources that policy demanded.

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