Self-service IAM application integration portal

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what it does

Centralize Your IAM Operations

PingCentral is a converged operating portal for Ping software, and it allows resource-constrained IAM teams to do more with less. It enables self-service, delegated administration for business users to integrate their own applications and APIs and consume centralized identity services. It also automates promotions across application environment tiers while maintaining configuration, and gives administrators visibility to all clients and connections and an audit trail that lets you see who promoted what and when. PingCentral gives your business the visibility, speed and agility necessary for rapid digital transformation.

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PingCentral is a consolidated operating console where you can manage Ping software products. Read our blog to learn more about the roadmap from our PingCentral product manager.

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Empower Business Teams with
Self-Service App Integration

PingCentral gives IAM administrators a flexible interface to build a set of authentication and single sign-on templates, so that application administrators can confidently select from these standard templates to streamline integration. The simple, step-by-step workflow guides business users who don’t have IAM expertise to be able to onboard a new app or API, update certificates for SAML connections, rotate client secrets and other self-service IAM tasks.


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how it does it

Automate Promotions Across Environment Tiers

Configuration changes don’t just need to be made in one environment—they often need to be propagated across an entire application development and deployment pipeline. PingCentral has an orchestration engine that automates promotions across application environment tiers. This means when you promote a client or connection from dev to staging, you don’t have to rekey in the new environment—the configuration carries over automatically. 

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Visibility into All Apps and Environments

PingCentral gives IAM and application administrators a snapshot of their managed OAuth and OIDC clients and SAML connections across all environments on a single screen. This allows IAM admins to assign and update resource ownership across the entire SSO infrastructure without switching between different instances of Ping software or authentication type screens. When a delegated administrator signs on, they see and manage only the applications they’ve added or that they’ve been assigned.


how it does it

Know Who Promoted What and When

PingCentral provides an audit trail that enables client and connection lifecycle management. It tracks and displays a history of previous client and connection configurations throughout the application and API lifecycle, so you always know who’s done what. PingCentral also gives you the flexibility to revert back to previous versions as needed.

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