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Automate & Simplify Cloud Deployment

Enterprises want the control and flexibility to deploy identity solutions in the private cloud of their choice. To make those deployments automated, reliable and repeatable, IT teams increasingly use tools like Docker and Kubernetes. Ping helps accelerate these efforts and the benefits with pre-packaged Docker images and Kubernetes orchestrations of our market-leading software.

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Fast Track to Your Private Cloud

Ping has all the tools you need to deploy and manage our market-leading software in your private cloud. This includes guides, scripts, orchestrations, best practices, documentation and Docker images for PingFederate, PingAccess, PingDataGovernance and PingDirectory including PingDataSync. Whether your private cloud destination is Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services, Amazon Web Services or another cloud that supports Docker images, you can easily deploy and manage Ping software there.

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Deploy Software in Minutes

Containerized software is extremely fast to deploy. With Docker images, you can have Ping software deployed, configured and ready to go in minutes. With Kubernetes orchestrations, you can have multiple Ping products deployed and working together as an integrated solution. And best of all, your configurations and orchestrations can be exported, saved, backed up and reused as often as you’d like.


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Deploy in Your Private Cloud

All major cloud-computing providers, including Amazon, Google and Microsoft, have embraced containerization and can run Docker. That means the Docker images for all Ping products will be easy to get up and running, no matter which cloud platform you choose.

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Consistent & Repeatable Environments

Docker images and Kubernetes orchestrations maintain all runtime dependencies and ensure consistency. Configurations and orchestrations can be saved and reused, giving development teams a reliable and consistent environment to do their work from development to production. This helps facilitate DevOps workflows and cooperation across different teams because they’re all leveraging the same repeatable environment.



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Autoscale to Meet Demand

Cloud deployments can be configured to dynamically scale up or down to meet fluctuating demand. Autoscaling allows businesses to benefit from improved availability and cost management by paying only for the cloud resources they consume. This can be very beneficial for identity use cases where user sign-ons and activity are subject to frequent demand spikes.



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Configuration Made Easy

Docker and Kubernetes give you full control over software configuration and deployment orchestration to make standing up complete solutions simple and predictable. To save you even more time, we’ve provided pre-built configurations and orchestrations to address some of the most common use cases our products solve—like syncing identities from Azure Active Directory to PingOne for Customers using a PingDataSync container. You can download these pre-built assets and tailor them to your unique needs.

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