Ping Identity Offers Enterprises Custom YubiKey Experience Packs for Unparalleled Flexibility in Multi-Factor Authentication

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Ping Identity Offers Enterprises Custom YubiKey Experience Packs for Unparalleled Flexibility in Multi-Factor Authentication

Ping Identity Customers Now Have Access to the Latest YubiKey Devices

for Added Security


SAN FRANCISCO and DENVER — October 24, 2018 — Ping Identity, the leader in Identity Defined Security, today announced the availability of YubiKey experience packs for current and future PingID customers. The experience packs include two security keys from Yubico’s latest YubiKey 5 Series product line, the first multi-protocol security keys to support FIDO2 for passwordless logins. This allows PingID customers to take advantage of reliable, hardware-backed security through the product’s existing YubiKey multi-factor authentication (MFA) support.


PingID is a cloud-delivered solution that helps balance security and convenience with a variety of authentication methods and adaptive policies across the enterprise. With adaptive MFA, enterprises can adjust authentication requirements as needed depending on contextual data, such as device posture, geolocation, IP address and the time since the last authentication. This allows enterprises to permit low-value transactions without interruption, while prompting multi-factor authentication during high-value transactions on untrusted networks and devices.


While PingID customers have the choice to use various authentication methods based on personal preference and transaction risk, one of the primary benefits is the option to layer on strong hardware-backed protection with the YubiKey once authentication policies have been defined. Together,  PingID and the YubiKey provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide MFA solution to safeguard sensitive data and help mitigate risk of account takeover. PingID allows users to self-register new devices and manage or alternate authentication methods—including YubiKeys—in real-time, which can improve productivity and lower helpdesk costs.


“Ping Identity is committed to providing the most secure multi-factor authentication experience and emerging authentication standards for its customers,” stated Monica Hamilton, Head of Technology Alliances and Business Development, Ping Identity. “By working with Yubico, we’re able to provide secure login options with a hardware device for added user convenience, especially in scenarios where a mobile phone cannot be utilized or is not preferred.”


“Yubico is excited to work with Ping Identity to strengthen the authentication choices for its customers,” said Alex Yakubov, Senior Director, Ecosystem, Yubico. “The YubiKey 5 Series supports two-factor, multi-factor and passwordless authentication, so as the future of authentication progresses toward passwordless logins, PingID customers will be equipped with a device that can do it all.”


According to Forrester Research (1) “Invest in solutions with a wide variety of authenticators. Today's users are exacting and want as little friction in their interactions with your authentication framework as possible. At the same time, certain requirements for higher security apps may still demand dedicated hardware tokens."


The PingID and YubiKey combined solution provides support for a wide range of enterprise use cases, giving organizations the freedom to seamlessly implement and manage strong MFA everywhere it’s needed—from employees to partners to customers. It’s a robust and easy-to-scale solution for organizations of all sizes.

To learn more about how PingID and the YubiKey work together, contact


(1) Best Practices: Customer and Employee Authentication, Forrester Research, October 4, 2018


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