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These articles are authored by our Support Engineers in direct response to questions and issues raised by our customers as they configure, test and implement Ping Identity products.

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Heartbleed and Ping Identity products

Official statement regarding the Heartbleed bug and Ping Identity products.

Article published on 4/10/2014 | Viewed:

Certificate contained * but check expected Error

How to import the * SSL certificate when receiving the following error: "Certificate contained * but check expected"

Article published on 4/7/2014 | Viewed:

How to Reset the PingAccess Administrator Password

Provides a command-line method on how to reset the PingAccess administrator password if lost

Article published on 4/7/2014 | Viewed:

Enable/Disable SSL Procotols

How to enable or disable SSL protocols?

Howto published on 12/30/2013 | Viewed:

PingOne: What is the Privacy Key and how is it used?

What is the the Privacy Key? How is it used?

Article published on 9/16/2013 | Viewed:

PingOne: Ultimate Software UltiPro Error after SSO - IM_Login Error: AuthFailUserContext

This article discusses conditions where users of Ultimate Software's UltiPro may encounter the following error : IM_Login Error: AuthFailUserContext

Article published on 4/1/2014 | Viewed:

PingOne: Why does CloudDesktop not challenge for authentication after a logout or timeout event?

The article describes the user session between the IdentityBridge and CloudDesktop that can cause users to appear not to log out or time out of CloudDesktop.

Article published on 4/1/2014 | Viewed:

PingOne: Configuring CloudDesktop to use a custom SSO URL

This article describes how to override the default SSO URL generated by PingOne for the links on the CloudDesktop. This allows CloudDesktop to integrate with applications that may only support SP-initiated SSO.

Article published on 4/1/2014 | Viewed:

PingOne: Verification Certificate for UltiPro expiring on April 10th 2014

PingOne customers using UltiPro Enterprise will receive an email from Ultimate Software indicating that the verification certificate configured in PingOne will expire on April 10, 2014. This certificate is only relevant if SAML Single LogOut (SLO) has been configured for your UltiPro connection. This document will describe the steps to help determine if SLO has been configured. Contact Ping Support if you need help in updating the new Verification Certificate.

Technote published on 1/10/2014 | Viewed:

PingOne:What browsers are supported for Basic SSO?

What browsers are supported for Basic SSO?

Article published on 9/16/2013 | Viewed: