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Authorization-configuration for SP-connections

If you have a lot of SP connections in PingFederate and not all users should be able to gain SSO support so every SP an authorization configuration within the SP connection would be perfect. It could be a RBAC, LDAP filter, regex or OGNL expression which describes the users which are allowed to use this SP connection. All users, which are not allowed should be redirected to an "not authorized" page (url) which should be configurable in the server settings (or in the SP connection).
1 comment »  Posted by Tobias Frech on 7/13/2012 2:17 PM


Sid Sidner
8/16/2012 7:30 PM
Thanks Tobias - that's a great suggestion and very timely. We are actively working on enhancements that address this use case and we anticipate this will be released in PingFederate 6.10. For more details, check out our recent press release: and if you're at Gartner Catalyst next week - stop by for a demo!

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