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Cloud Single Sign On Using Social Media Logins

Connecting to Employees, Partners and Customers Using Social Media

Our Customers Say...

Giving our customers the option to let their users access their purpose-built Fuz1on portal with social network credentials makes it even easier to access the work apps they need anytime, anywhere. 
Fred Brown
EVP, Fuz1on

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Social Identity Integration

Solutions for Leveraging Google, Facebook and Twitter Identities

The popularity of social networking sites is revolutionizing the way users access applications and information. Studies show that registration drop off decreases and customer satisfaction increases when users can leverage an established identity from Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn. PingFederate allows you leverage these and other cloud identity providers to authenticate and connect employees, customers, partners and consumers to cloud-based applications.

  • Increase registration rates
  • Reduce identity management overhead
  • Create a more personalized user experience

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  • Business-to-Consumer Scenarios Users link to their identities from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites to register and access applications.

    Business-to-Business Scenarios Users leverage Google Apps and Salesforce.com for partner identities and authentication, streamlining access to critical business applications.

    Step-up Authentication Social identities alone may not be enough to access sensitive data. With PingFederate's adaptive federation capabilities, users are asked to enter another set of credentials when needed.

    Complete Token Translation Gather and return all attributes available from the cloud identity provider and translate them into a common format such as SAML or Open Token. No need to learn and support multiple protocols. 

    Identity Menu Builder Create compelling, customized login pages and social network icons, allowing you complete design control and the potential for a cohesive user experience. 

    Support for White and Black Listing Providers The PingFederate OpenID Connector can be configured to allow complete OpenID provider access or configured user experience. 


    Social Identity Integration leverages Cloud Identity Providers for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business scenarios.