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OAuth Profile for SAML

OAuth Profile for SAML

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Ping Identity makes it easier for users to implement and access Salesforce, helping to drive user adoption and streamline administrative IT tasks. 
Clarence So
Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce.com

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Cloud Identity Solutions for Salesforce

PingFederate Salesforce Connector

Salesforce.com has established the standard for enterprise cloud computing. Customers rely on the Sales and Service cloud identity management solutions to run their business, Force.com to build and deploy their cloud applications and Chatter for collaboration. But Salesforce adoption drives a need for seamless and secure access. Our simple, proven and secure cloud identity solutions for Salesforce empower employees, connect with customers, and drive partner value within the Salesforce.com ecosystem.

  • Secure desktop and mobile access to Salesforce
  • Works with your infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment
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  • Single Sign-On to Salesforce Users sign on to their corporate network and then seamlessly access the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and Force.com apps, eliminating multiple logins.

    Automated Salesforce User Provisioning Our solutions automatically create, update and delete Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Chatter and Force.com accounts based on the organizational lifecycle, centralizing IT control of cloud access and securing corporate data.

    Expanded Access Partners and customers can use their Salesforce identities and portals to access other cloud applications. Leveraging the Salesforce Cloud Identity Connector enables Salesforce to act as an Identity Provider for customer- or partner-facing enterprise and cloud applications.

    Streamlined Implementation Ping Identity solutions deploy rapidly and work with your existing identity and application infrastructures to easily connect with Salesforce and other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud applications.

    Secure SSO for the Salesforce Cloud

    Employee identities can be used to seamlessly access the entire Salesforce cloud, including Force.com and Chatter. For customer and partner facing portals and applications, Salesforce identities can be used to access internal or cloud resources.