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PingFederate delivered seamless access in just 2 days. We weren’t expecting it to be that easy. 
Anand Padmanabhan
CIO, Stern School of Business

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SSO and Identity Management for Customers, Partners and Employees

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  • PingFederate® is a lightweight and powerful identity bridge that delivers a comprehensive identity management solution for federated access to applications using existing identity infrastructure. 

    • 80 pre-packaged integration kits 
    • Connect to any identity store and application, on-premises and in the cloud
    • Deploys anywhere in less than a day


    Powerful IT Administration

    • Centralizes control over identities and authentication
    • Standardizes user provisioning to any application
    • Monitors usage for compliance and governance

    Flexible Access Control

    • Adaptive federation allows you to customize user access scenarios
    • Identity mapping and attribute retrieval
    • Token-based security eliminates password dependence


    Single Sign-On 
    With industry standards like SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, PingFederate gives employees, customers and partners secure one-click access to any application, whether in the cloud or on-premises. 

    Federated Identity Management 
    Use your existing identity stores for authentication and attribute retrieval. Provide adaptive federation and authorization capabilities to control access.

    Secure Mobile Access 
    Secure user access from any mobile device using open standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect.

    API Security 
    Allow developers to include identity information in their SOAP or REST-based API calls using open standards.

    Social Identity Integration 
    Increase customer adoption by allowing consumers to log in with their Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live or Twitter credentials. 

    Automated User Provisioning 
    Provision your users for the most popular enterprise cloud services automatically. Use the SCIM standard to automate inbound and outbound user provisioning to corporate directories and SaaS apps.