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We considered several options and chose PingFederate. Unlike other offerings, it was easy to install, gives us the SAML-based support we need to connect with any of our federated partners and is backed by a Ping Identity team that we trust. 
Hank Oleyniczak
Deputy Chief Technology Officer- Operations, RISS

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Public Sector Solutions

Ping Identity solves identity challenges across government agencies and citizen initiatives — providing mission critical access and superior service delivery.

Protect Citizen Identity with Cyber Security

Whether it's terrorism data between federal agencies, law enforcement data between state and local authorities, or other important data between public agencies, Ping Identity has flexible solutions to meet your needs. Our solutions support both browser-based and API access and allow secure access across secure domains.

With Ping Identity solutions, you can share data with:

  • State, local and tribal law enforcement
  • Federal agencies
  • Private and foreign partners

Migrate to the Cloud Intelligently

Before you go Cloud First, think Identity First. While cloud migration and SaaS apps bring flexibility and savings, they also bring multiple usernames and passwords that have to be managed by both users and IT — resulting in increased work and security risks. Ping Identity addresses identity management head-on and makes Cloud First possible without increasing work or compromising security.

  • Offer users secure single sign-on (SSO) to cloud-based applications
  • Eliminate identity silos and make the most of your existing identity infrastructure
  • Automate user access provisioning

Download our White Paper How Identity is Improving Online Government Security.

Gain Secure Cross-Agency Mobile Access

Users want access to business-critical applications and resources anytime, anywhere — including from their mobile devices. Ping Identity solutions provide identity management for secure access through mobile browsers as well as native mobile apps

  • Provide secure SSO for native and web applications
  • Leverage standards-based with OAuth, SAML, and OpenID
  • Gain efficiency with centralized access control for all devices

Turn Smart Cards into Authentication Solutions

Over 5 million smart cards have been issued to public sector employees since HSPD-12 was signed in 2004. Turn those smart cards into total identity solutions with Ping Identity — giving users integrated access to all your on-location, hosted and cloud applications.

  • Utilize your smart card investments while meeting OMB M-11-11 requirements
  • Allow any application (on-premise, hosted or cloud) to accept PKI smart card authentication
  • Add back-end attribute exchange (BAE) for easy provisioning

Watch Webinar replay Make PIV Cards Your Key to Cloud Apps
Download our Solution Brief Smart Card Authentication Using PingFederate

Leverage FICAM and Protect Your Organization

The Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) initiative gives you the backing you need to address authentication and identity management issues head-on. Ping Identity helps you meet FICAM authentication and identity standards for both agency and citizen-facing systems.

  • Offer users SSO and manage user identities with ease
  • Securely connect legacy systems and older applications to newer technology
  • Deliver GSA/NIST/OMB-approved security and privacy

Make Your Identity Investments Work for You

Public agencies often have many disparate identity infrastructures that fragment operations, increase workloads and create security risks. Adding cloud solutions to such a system can be a struggle. Ping Identity allows you to work easily amongst infrastructure divides and to operate more efficiently.

  • Bridge identity silos and eliminate painful integration projects
  • Integrate new technology with existing identity and access management investments pain-free
  • Give employees easy, secure access to all apps with SSO

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