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Previously, the trouble with cloud services was that once users entered the Cloud, they were beyond our logging and monitoring. Now that PingFederate logs integrate with ArcSight, I can see everyone that’s logged into anything connected to Ping. 
Sr. Security Engineer, Corportate Executive Board

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Integrated Cloud Security & Compliance for HP/ArcSight

As adoption of cloud applications accelerates, so does the need to simplify, control and secure employee, customer and partner identities. Our cloud identity management solutions are simple, proven and secure, working with HP/ArcSight to offer compliance, auditing and monitoring capabilities in the Cloud. Highlights include:

  • Better security and compliance
  • Increased visibility and cloud access control
  • Fast, cost-effective cloud security audits
  • Rapid deployment

Integrated Monitoring, Logging and Reporting  PingFederate allows users to securely integrate logging data into HP/ArcSight ETRM so that enterprise IT and security organizations can correlate usage reports and track when users are attempting unauthorized access. HP/ArcSight solutions can then produce dashboard views and reports, which cross internal and cloud-based applications, making audits faster, easier and less costly.

Cloud SSO  PingFederate will seamlessly allow users to log into their enterprise network through their normal logon process to access cloud services.

CEF-Certified  PingFederate logs are CEF certified, creating an easy path for integration with HP/ArcSight solutions.