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PingFederate and Symantec VIP Solution

Enabling Trust in the Cloud with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Strong Authentication

Ping Identity, the leader in Cloud Identity Security and Symantec, a global leader in security solutions, have partnered to deliver an integrated cloud SSO and strong authentication solution, which enables enterprises to establish one online identity for users across internal applications and cloud applications.

  • Security - Combines PingFederate’s® cloud SSO with Symantec VIP’s strong authentication service for complete enterprise protection
  • Simplicity - Centralizes management and integration, providing a single point to control and monitor cloud application use
  • Speed - No additional authentication server or infrastructure means fast deployment

PingFederate, VIP Integration Kit and Symantec VIP Hosted Service

PingFederate, VIP Integration Kit and Symantec VIP Hosted Service


VIP Integration Kit installed with PingFederate sends an authentication request to the VIP Authentication Service. Once authenticated, PingFederate safely and transparently communicates the user’s identity to the cloud application.