the ultimate guide to single sign-on

It’s hard to ignore the headlines. Data breach here, stolen identity there. With hackers hogging the news, cyber security is quickly making its way to the center of enterprise IT security discussions. If you think you are safe behind the corporate firewall, think again.


To address today’s security threats, most companies start with a single sign-on (SSO) solution. While single sign-on started out as a solution to boost productivity and decrease costs for IT teams, today’s leading SSO solutions provide a strong foundation for the enterprise to move beyond passwords and protect their business. But what do you look for exactly in an SSO solution? Is it just password vaulting? What about standards? How does this fit into your security strategy as a whole? You can find answers to all these questions and more in our new Ultimate Guide to SSO. Stay one step ahead of the hackers, get the guide now!


Table of Contents:


        1. Building the Business Case: The ROI of SSO

        2. SSO Benefits by Use Case: Employees, Customers, & Partners

        3. How SSO Works: The Nuts and Bolts

        4. Standards: Federation, SAML, OAuth and more

        5. Private Cloud: Support fo IaaS, such as AWS and Azure

        6. SSO for Mobile: BYOD and more

        7. Multi-Factor Authentication

        8. Beyond SSO: Identity Defined Security for Today's Hacker

        9. Conclusion