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Gartner - Market Guide to User authentication

How to find the optimal user authentication solution for your application


No identity and access management solution can safeguard your systems and data without trust that users are who they say they are. User authentication is critical. But the array of methods and solutions can be mind-boggling. Passwords, biometrics, tokens, and contextual and adaptive approaches delivered via software, hardware, cloud-based services or embedded in other tools are just a few of your many options.  


In this new report, Gartner helps CIOs, CISOs and DROs evaluate solutions and providers on the following criteria:


  • Trust vs. risk

  • Total cost of ownership vs. justifiable and available budget

  • User experience   

  • Other technical and operational needs and constraints


Download the report to learn which MFA solutions strike the right balance for your needs.

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    Securing Your Enterprise Credentials

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    Quick Reference Guide: It's Time to Stop Talking about Passwords

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