Turn patient and member identity security into opportunity

One of the biggest challenges healthcare payers, providers and life science organizations face today is ensuring security compliance while providing the access employees, customers, patients and members demand. In a market undergoing tremendous change and increasing risk, it can be difficult to secure identities while providing convenient access.


Ping Identity healthcare technology solutions allow you to not only maintain security and regulatory compliance, but also leverage identities to improve user experiences, build loyalty and collaborate more effectively with your partners.


Follow leading healthcare organizations

Over 100 of the world’s leading healthcare organizations rely on Ping Identity for simple, secure, centralized control of identities across any application and any device. This includes two of the three largest health systems, three of the five largest healthcare plan providers and eight of the ten largest biopharmaceutical companies.

Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance

Ping Identity understands that security is critical for healthcare organizations, especially with strict regulatory mandates. Our healthcare technology solutions provide your users with easy access to their applications without compromising identity security. With Ping Identity, you can:


  • Connect your business partners to the sensitive information they need while safeguarding private data.
  • Comply with mandates such as HIPPA, PCI-DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley, as well as Meaningful Use (MU) requirements and internal standard operating procedures.
  • Eliminate reliance on passwords when securing protected health information (PHI).
  • Quickly revoke all access for specific users and guard against breaches

Get ahead through collaboration

Today, the ability to effectively leverage your ecosystem is the key to providing better patient care, bringing new medicines to market and gaining a competitive advantage. Ping Identity gives you the freedom to securely collaborate with your partners as if they were extensions of your enterprise. Our flexible solutions allow you to:


  • Create a secure, scalable and efficient business network by federating to any size partner.
  • Grant or revoke secure access for your partners with or without the cost of managing their credentials.
  • Shore up security for your sensitive information by eliminating passwords.

Delight your customers and build loyalty

Your customers — consumers, members and patients — expect a safe and exceptional online experience. Fortunately, higher levels of security don't have to mean lower levels of customer experience. Ping Identity enables you to:


  • Provide easy access with secure single sign-on (SSO).
  • Deliver targeted, personalized user experiences.
  • Offer optimized experiences from any device.
  • Engage users with social sign-on.
  • Do it all with complete security.