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Ping Identity CTO Introduces Identiverse at Gartner Catalyst Conference 2013

Patrick Harding Challenges Attendees to Think Differently about Identity Security to Realize the Full Potential of a Perfect Digital Economy

DENVER, Colo. — August 6, 2013

DENVER, Colo. — August 6, 2013 — Last week at the Gartner Catalyst Conference 2013Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding challenged approximately 200 IT and security professionals in his identity breakout session to move toward the “identiverse,” a perfect digital world of people, applications, and devices that all recognize and interact with each other. Harding also predicted that this not-so-distant digital frontier will arise from today’s big bang-like, massive explosion of Internet endpoints and the IT industry’s desperate problem of securing and coordinating them. 


Enter The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Identiverse

Business in the digital economy is inherently cross-domain, yet security policy is not. The result is a universe of people, applications, and devices that is chaotic, insecure, and reduced to trillions of aggravating passwords. The key to unlocking this new, open, standards-based identity-aware cosmos requires technologists follow what Harding refers to as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Identiverse:


  1. Everything has an identity (apps, devices, people)
  2. Authentication is multi-factor (and rarely passwords)
  3. APIs are ubiquitous
  4. Standards are everywhere
  5. Access is federated
  6. Privacy is possible


“To think about how to subtract friction out of the Internet of things and cross-domain interaction, and take advantage of something that's traditionally been viewed as an obstacle, we have to change how we view identity security, just like how we view the ‘Internet’ as inter-connected networks via TCP/IP and ‘WWW’ as inter-connected apps via HTTP/HTML. Identity security is no longer about locking down the enterprise. It's about enabling access and creating new opportunities. With the ‘Identiverse’ we are putting forth a vision that, for example, drives developers to add standards like OAuth/OIDC/SCIM to their apps and devices to enable frictionless interoperability and connectedness of everything,” said Harding.


“This is an extremely powerful mission and we’re only at the beginning. Our vision of a perfect digital world of people, applications, and devices that all recognize and interact with each other is a ten-year mission that will require an industry of technology professionals working together to ensure everything is identity-aware and access is ubiquitous.”


Seeing the Identiverse in Action

To demonstrate this vision, Harding raised his arm to model his latest health accessory: a UP by Jawbone, a wristband system that takes a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, including tracking the user’s movement and sleep. Harding proposed a scenario where a user’s data could be shared implicitly or explicitly between devices and applications. For example, with his Jawbone synched with both his iPhone and NEST thermostat, Harding could have his house temperature adjusted automatically based on his increasing core temperature during a run. Since he is participating in a social charity fundraiser where donations are tied to the number of steps he runs in a week, Harding can sync his Jawbone with Facebook for easy, immediate tracking. In addition, by synching the Jawbone with his insurance company, Harding can benefit from the premium discounts it offers based on real-time health analysis. 


Following his presentation, Harding gave attendees their own UP by Jawbone, challenging them to experience, firsthand, the highly distributed nature of mobile, cloud, big data and the Internet of things, and to join him in his mission to build the Identiverse. To learn more about the Identiverse, go to SlideShare to view Harding’s conference presentation.


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