10 - Conclusion

Today’s hyper-connected customers expect access anytime, from anywhere and on any device. The changing face of customer interactions is driving the need for CIAM solutions that specifically address the needs of managing customer identities and that are separate and distinct from traditional IAM solutions.


Not all CIAM solutions are created equal, so you must carefully evaluate the options before making a decision. At its core, a CIAM solution must be scalable, high-performance, secure and able to deliver a consistent experience across all channels.


A best-in-breed CIAM solution goes beyond basic requirements by offering frictionless access and self-service profile management, enforcing customer data-sharing consent, and helping to create a unified customer profile from disparate identity silos. The right CIAM solution can build brand loyalty, strengthen competitive advantage and drive top-line revenue growth for your business.


To clarify your specific requirements and make the right decision for your enterprise, read the Customer IAM Buyer’s Guide.


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