Is your workforce experiencing password overload?

Let’s be honest—your employees have way too way passwords. They need to access lots of applications every day, which can cause more damage than you may be aware. Not only are they reusing passwords to avoid forgetting them, they’re writing down passwords on sticky notes. This results in:

  • Huge productivity drains when users can’t access the apps they need.
  • Major security risks with more access points for the bad guys to get in.
  • Expensive, ongoing IT costs with time dedicated to resetting passwords.

Empower your workforce with identity

Ultimate Guide to SSO

Ultimate Guide to SSO

Delivering single sign-on for your SaaS apps is a good start, but single purpose cloud SSO solutions can’t adapt to your mobile apps or APIs—let alone, other emerging technologies. Traditional WAM solutions are outdated and not designed for modern security complexity.  If you try to build your own solution, be prepared for enormous expense and maintenance headaches any time your users’ applications change. You need a solution that:

  • Eliminates the need for multiple passwords and provides mobile MFA.
  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure and security investments.
  • Is compatible with all of your web, mobile and API resources wherever they are.

One solution for everything

With a single solution, we take the complexity out of delivering apps to your workforce. Our Identity Defined Security platform integrates quickly with your existing investments, and you can manage your users however you want. To empower your workforce to do their jobs seamlessly and securely, no matter where they are or what device they use, our platform can give your employees:

  • Single Sign-on - Secure, one-click access to all applications from anywhere, on any device.
  • Multi-factor Authentication - Added security using a mobile device and contextual mobile data.
  • Access Security - Authorization to access only the web, mobile and API resources they need.

Why Ping is the easy choice

Among several advantages your organization can gain from our workforce identity solution, no one compares to these key benefits:

  • Fast time to value: it only takes us hours or days to get your identity solution up and running compared to the weeks or months our competitors take.
  • Deploy anywhere: enterprises demand flexibility, and only we can deliver the control and power of software with the simplicity and usability of SaaS.
  • Bulletproof reliability: time and time again, our customers tell us that “they just work and keep running” proving their confidence in our identity solutions.