Achieve mobility. Ensure security.

Developing mobile applications for employees, customers and partners is a key part of your mobile application strategy. At first, you probably focused on application usability and quality, but what about the usernames and passwords for those apps? As the number and sophistication of your mobile applications grows, it is critical to ensure the same access controls as your existing applications. With Ping Identity you can:

  • Integrate identity into your mobile apps using open standards.
  • Ensure all access to mobile application data is controlled and auditable.
  • Future-proof your identity and access management platform by adopting a
    standards-based approach to mobile application authorization and access.
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Accelerate time to market for your secure mobile apps

Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Solutions for Web and API Access Management

Securing mobile applications can be time consuming and expensive, especially as companies try to make their current web access management (WAM) products provide API authentication by brute force. With Ping Identity you can:

  • Utilize existing identity investments in your mobile app strategy.
  • Improve development productivity by employing a reusable and scalable authentication and authorization framework for mobile applications.
  • Reduce mobile app time to market without compromising on security.

Reduce the cost of securing mobile apps


Traditional web access management (WAM) solutions were never built for the multi-channel, mobile device-centric world that we live in. You need a solution that employs a single identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure for web, mobile and APIs—one that can easily plug into your existing environment, but allows consolidation over time. With Ping Identity you can:

  • Reduce costs associated with IAM infrastructure, expansion, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Improve overall user experience and productivity.
  • Scale efficiently as your multi-channel needs grow.

See how we empowered a mobile sales team

Customer Success

Customer Success

Land O' Lakes relies on Ping Identity

A food and agricultural cooperative needed to keep its workforce competitive by empowering its sales reps to do business outside of company headquarters. By taking advantage of Ping Identity mobile solutions, this company’s 400 sales reps can now get their work done on-the-go with real-time access to their ordering systems from any device.