APIs belong in your security strategy

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and wearables as well as technology advances like HTML5 have lead to an explosion of APIs across the enterprise. Forcing legacy web access management (WAM) systems or expensive gateway appliances into this new API economy leads to headaches and frustration as well as significant expense. Ping Identity lets you secure your APIs using mature identity standards as well as state-of-the-art authentication and authorization protocols. With Ping Identity, you can:

  • Deliver a personalized experience by leveraging identity instead of restricting access based on obsolete access controls.
  • Provide a secure user experience based on proven identity standards.
  • Quickly and easily audit for fraud and compliance.
KuppingerCole Executive View | PingAccess

KuppingerCole Executive
View | PingAccess

The web has evolved. Shouldn't your identity security?

API Access Management

Single page HTML5 interfaces that leverage APIs help application developers deliver a consistent experience without worrying about which device or client the user is currently using. These interfaces rely on your APIs, and providing a consistent, reproducible mechanism for identity security means that both web and mobile application developers don’t have to think about it, they just use Ping Identity.

Build an architecture for the future

Ping Identity allows you to embrace Identity Defined Security through federated access management. Our solutions allow you to extend your existing, trusted web single sign-on (SSO) relationships, on-premise or cloud-based authentication systems and legacy WAM solutions in order to support today's API-centric enterprise. Using industry standard protocols like SAML, OAuth and OpenID Connect, Ping Identity future-proofs your application infrastructure and provides secure, audit-able access for customers, partners and employees regardless of device, application or location.

API Security