PingIntelligence for APIs

PingIntelligence for APIs

API visibility and attack detection with AI

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what it does

AI-powered API Security

PingIntelligence for APIs is an API security solution done right. It provides a unified view of API activity across the entire enterprise for centralized monitoring and reporting. It uses artificial intelligence to learn traffic behaviors to automatically detect and block threats to enhance your organization’s security posture.

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what it does

Making API

Security Smarter

The adoption of APIs in the enterprise is showing no signs of slowing down. And each API represents a potential vulnerability to corporate data, applications and critical business systems. Finely tuned attacks on APIs are bypassing traditional security measures provided by CDNs, WAFs and API Gateways to breach APIs and get to the digital assets they connect.


A robust API security practice requires going beyond OWASP API Security top 10 vulnerabilities. APIs need to be monitored for unusual behavior so that you can act immediately on atypical events, such as unusual sequences of API access. PingIntelligence for APIs is making API security smarter.


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what it does

See All Your API traffic in One View

From multiple cloud environments and data centers to different gateways and business units, enterprises have APIs everywhere. With API sprawl, it becomes difficult to see how each API is used and accessed, fostering an environment where shadow APIs can live without the security team knowing. This can delay or prevent an organization from detecting vulnerabilities that could lead to costly breaches, abuse of APIs or performance issues. 


With PingIntelligence for APIs, you can bring all API traffic data together in a single view of activity across all gateways, clouds and data centers. You can use built-in dashboards to centralize API traffic monitoring to get detailed information on what APIs are deployed in your organization and how each API is accessed and used. You can also leverage your API traffic data to generate detailed reports to demonstrate compliance—or for forensic investigations.


what it does

Know Good vs. Bad Traffic

API activity is on the rise with nearly 83% of network traffic attributed to APIs, making it important to identify good and bad traffic. Of course, bad traffic doesn’t have to be a hacker causing a breach. It could be a partner abusing access, an employee not complying with company policy when accessing data, or a misconfiguration or bug in an API resulting in abnormal behavior. 


PingIntelligence for APIs uses artificial intelligence to learn how each API is accessed to determine what is the normal or good API behavior. If abnormal activity is detected, its can alert security teams and automatically block the bad traffic to protect your APIs.


what it does

Detect All Forms of API Attack

Today’s API security solutions aren’t enough to stop a new generation of attacks on APIs, specifically designed to exploit vulnerabilities unique to each API. PingIntelligence for APIs can detect, block and report on attacks that compromise your APIs, which include:


  • Authentication System Attacks: Bad actors use credential stuffing and other brute force attacks to breach API infrastructures using valid credentials. Hackers can use stolen credentials like tokens and cookies to penetrate and take over accounts.

  • Data and Application Attacks: Hackers can reverse-engineer an API with a valid account to extract, delete, modify or inject data into a service with the intent to steal information, disrupt a system or compromise data—or even take over an account.

  • Targeted API DoS/DDoS Attacks: Hackers tune attacks to stay below rate limits, which can disable services provided by the API or damage the user experience. They can also generate calls that require unusually high system resources, which can affect server response time.
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Deployment Flexibility

With both inline and sideband deployment options available, your IT team can deploy PingIntelligence for APIs however it fits best in your enterprise architecture. To provide AI-powered attack detection and monitoring without requiring network or infrastructure modifications, you can integrate with PingIntelligence for APIs in sideband deployment with PingAccess or your API gateway from Akana, Axway, Apigee, CA, AWS, Azure, IBM, Kong, MuleSoft, WS02 and more. Or, use inline deployment to have PingIntelligence for APIs as a high-performance reverse proxy to protect APIs deployed on API gateways, PingAccess or APIs deployed directly on application servers.

the proof

Award-winning Solution

for API Cybersecurity

The security community has recognized the need to better protect the critical services and data to which APIs provide access. PingIntelligence for APIs has been commended for its innovative approach to securing enterprise resources and associated API infrastructures by leveraging AI to detect and block cyberattacks on APIs, and provide deeper visibility into API traffic and deployments.


Recently, the solution was honored with the 2019 Devies Award for “Best Innovation in Security and Networking” and received the Gold for “Best API Management and Security Product” in the 2019 Info Security Product Guide Global Excellence Awards. PingIntelligence for APIs was also awarded with API World’s “2018 Best in API Security” award and by IT Daily’s “2018 IT Security Award” in the IAM category. This recognition underscores the growing importance of APIs and the need for more comprehensive protection for API infrastructures.


The PingIntelligence for APIs free trial is a SaaS-based service that lets you take this solution for a test drive on your own API gateways and application servers.


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