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the obstacle

identity can be complicated

At Ping, everything we create is designed to simplify security and the user experience in the enterprise. But as a technological implementation, identity can be complicated. Different applications have different requirements and use different standards, which can make it challenging to effectively integrate and manage your identity management infrastructure. However, with the right product training, you can make complexity a thing of the past.

the solution

get the most
out of your investment

  • PingFederate

    Learn all about federation, SAML and OAuth, and how PingFederate integrates with existing environments. Get first-hand experience with installation, configuration, establishing a web SSO connection, OAuth clients and basic troubleshooting.

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  • PingAccess

    In both gateway and agent models, learn how to set up and configure PingAccess as a policy server to protect both web applications and APIs, and to configure different types of policies.

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  • PingDirectory

    Dig into the data synchronization, data proxy and metrics engine capabilities of PingDirectory, and get first-hand experience with installation, configuration, troubleshooting and tuning.

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the solution

more confidence. faster roi.

Every organization is unique, and our training program is designed to help you understand how to most effectively utilize our products in your environment. You’ll build confidence in your ability to tackle application and data integrations, and you’ll be sure to get the most out of Ping products. Ultimately, having a stronger understanding of the tools means you'll get a faster return on your investment.

the proof

our success starts with our customers

Across the globe, our customers are reaping the benefits of our technical training. Through a deeper understanding of our products, they’re realizing success in a few key areas:

  • Executing on business plans more quickly with greater success.

  • Adapting to rapid infrastructure changes, from acquisitions and mergers to additions of new services that require an integrated identity and access management solution.

  • Staying current with the fast change of the identity industry, and understanding when and how to adapt.