Zero Trust: Thinking Outside the Perimeter
white paper

Zero Trust: Thinking Outside the Perimeter

Achieve your digital transformation goals with Zero Trust


Perimeter-based approaches have long been critical to enterprise network security, but they are no longer relevant to modern applications. Today’s organizations embrace better options for controlling access to applications and data with Zero Trust, the security paradigm for the modern digital enterprise.


Zero Trust is based on the idea that the network a request originates from is a weak indicator of what the requestor should be allowed to do. Enterprises should have zero trust in the user’s network as a security gauge and instead look to authentication and authorization schemes to keep attackers at bay.


In this white paper, you will learn:


  • What components make up the Zero Trust philosophy

  • Why following this model can lead to increased security, agility and productivity

  • How to best transition to the Zero Trust architecture for digital transformation success

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