The Dark Side of the API Economy
white paper

The Dark Side of the API Economy

Future-proof your API Security Strategy


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become a critical factor and enabler in delivering operational efficiency, scalability, and profitability for most businesses. Nowadays, everything is API-enabled: corporate data is the product and APIs are the logistics of delivering it to customers and partners. Collectively this emerging trend is referred to as the API Economy.


Unfortunately, many organizations still lack expertise in the field of API security and tend to downplay API-related risk or be overconfident in the capabilities of their existing tools. As the growing number of advanced attacks and data breaches caused by insufficient API cybersecurity indicates, even the largest companies with big security budgets are not safe from these kinds of attacks.


In this white paper, KuppingerCole Analysts:


  • Investigate several notable cases of advanced attacks and data breaches

  • Dispel several common API myths

  • Provide key recommendations on designing a comprehensive and future-proof API security strategy (from basic awareness and education for stakeholders through to finding the right tools for intelligently automating API security through its lifecycle)