IDaaS for Application Developers
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IDaaS for Application Developers

User registration and login made easy for app dev teams


Just a guess, but managing customer identity and access management (CIAM) probably isn’t your favorite part of being an application developer. Authentication and registration, password encryption and account recovery flows can feel more like annoyances than opportunities.


But CIAM is critical to securing your applications. In an age where apps have become attractive—and all too often, easy—targets to hackers, this alone makes CIAM worthy of your attention. In fact, identity services are just as important as the latest cool feature. And they can even enable innovation and better customer experiences.


So how do you ensure identity is embedded into your application securely? Read on to dig deeper into the need for identity and your options for addressing it.


Read this white paper to gain a deeper understanding of:


  • Why you should care about CIAM

  • The requirements of an enterprise-grade CIAM solution

  • How to easily implement CIAM and secure your apps