white paper

how digital identity drives innovation and security for retailers

Deliver the consistent cross-channel experiences your customers demand.


Over the past few years, the retail landscape has changed significantly. As innovative competitors emerge and customer expectations grow, gaining your customers’ loyalty is more difficult than ever.


Increasingly, your success is dependent upon customer experience. You must deliver the consistent, personalized experiences your customers demand or risk losing them to any number of competitors.


At the same time, your employees and partners need access to the applications required to provide the products, services and interactions your customers expect. And you must do it all with security at the forefront. Just one breach could make the headlines and do irreparable damage to your brand.


The key to your success lies in giving the right people secure, seamless access to the right things. You do that with identity and access management (IAM). Read the white paper to learn how the Ping Identity Platform can help you earn customer loyalty and create competitive advantage.


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