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Seamless and Secure Healthcare Delivery with the Ping Identity Platform

Deliver seamless and secure access to critical systems and information


Breaches of patient data are on the rise, and remediation costs have never been higher. Add HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance into the mix, and you sum up the largest concerns of today’s healthcare CISOs, CIOs and CMIOs. How can health delivery organizations (HDOs) and their business partners prevent breaches and maintain compliance without interrupting the delivery of care?


It starts with identity.


Security in the modern HDO must be dynamic, responding to a user’s location, time, behavior, network and device. The past, perimeter-defined approach of firewalls and passwords just doesn’t cut it anymore. Modern healthcare delivery requires a new approach.


You need scalable and intuitive solutions to prevent breaches and maintain compliance. Read this white paper written by Rocky Mountain HIPAA Guru to learn how the Ping Identity Platform’s identity and access management solutions integrate with clinical and business workflows, and improve productivity and security.


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