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Technical solution guide for psd2 and open banking


Best practices for implementing financial-grade API security with identity and access management.


PSD2 and open banking compliance is a formidable challenge for financial institutions across Europe, but compliance alone does not guarantee that your APIs are actually secure and that your customers will have a seamless experience. Identity and access management (IAM) solutions provide the foundation for compliance, security and user experience.


If you want to ensure compliance while providing financial-grade API security and a frictionless user experience, this guide is a must read. It covers:


  • An overview of what financial-grade API security is along with the key IAM standards required to meet the compliance and security requirements for opening your APIs to third parties.
  • A discussion of the technical requirements for PSD2 and open banking with definitions and descriptions to help you navigate this complex topic.
  • Detailed reference architectures and flows that show you how to address these requirements with a comprehensive IAM solution.


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