IAM Pro's Guide 3: Consolidating Identities with a Modern Directory Solution
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The IAM Pro's Guide to Building a Business Case, Part 3

Consolidate identites with a modern directory solution


Decentralized identity stores made sense when you were serving identity data to proprietary applications from the same vendor. But today, those identity data silos create inefficiency, security threats and unnecessary expense.


A modern directory solution can help.

Modernizing your directory environment supports increasing performance and stability, moving to the cloud, and a diverse set of apps and APIs. A consolidated identity management solution will also improve workforce productivity and decrease IT expenses.


As an IAM pro, you know the answer lies in identity.


An investment in a modern directory environment increases the security of identity data and improves the performance of applications across the enterprise. It also delivers on your organization’s highest priorities.


This paper will help you build a business case that demonstrates how IAM can provide the reliability, performance and security you need, while propelling your organization forward.


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