User-Managed Consent
white paper

Business Drivers of User-managed Consent

To balance privacy and value, today's customers are in control


When it comes to the usage and consent of user data, application and service providers have been used to the ‘my way or the highway’ approach. But today, data privacy and user-managed consent are becoming the norm. With data being collected everywhere, customers need to be the ones giving say over how their data is shared and with whom, all while keeping the customer experience smooth and secure.


To do this, organizations are turning to customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions, and they’re putting the best practices for user-managed consent to work. In this executive brief, you’ll learn how you can leverage CIAM to:


  • Keep up with today’s revolving door of global regulations.

  • Balance customer privacy with the value of their user data.

  • Keep your customers at the center of user consent.

  • Adopt consent strategies that are founded on standards.

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