Getting Customer IAM Right
White paper

Getting Customer IAM Right

Align business needs with technical requirements using customer IAM


Customer IAM, or CIAM, is a different animal than employee IAM. It requires greater scalability, usability and convenience, not to mention unparalleled security and privacy requirements.


Beyond the technical requirements, the demands of CIAM are highly customer-driven. No longer just IT’s purview, your CIAM solution involves the interests of sales, marketing and business analytics, and has top-line revenue and growth implications.


This white paper helps architects, marketers, security professionals and IAM pros collaborate to provide seamless and secure access to their customers through the selection of a CIAM solution that delivers the right functionality across all stages of the customer engagement lifecycle. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of:


  • The functional requirements of a CIAM solution

  • How to map recommended solution capabilities to needs across the customer engagement lifecycle

  • Aligning technical requirements and business needs to tackle common customer IAM challenges

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