white paper

a modern mobile architecture

Balancing security, user enablement and privacy is a must in mobile environments


Enterprises today are grappling with how to support and manage mobile device initiatives. Specifically, they want to embrace BYOD for cost and productivity reasons while ensuring that corporate data and applications, as well as user privacy, are safe and secure.


In this whitepaper, we detail how a modern mobile architecture solves the challenge of security, user enablement and user privacy using the following four pillars of technology:


  • Mobile-based authentication - leveraging the capabilities of smart phones to provide secure and easy sign-on
  • Single sign-on across web and native applications - giving employees a seamless user experience for both web and native mobile applications
  • APIs - granting access for business data only to authorized applications and users
  • Work/personal separations - isolating business applications and data from the applications that the employee installs for their personal use

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