Zero Downtime: A Story of Directory Migration at Boise Cascade

zero downtime: a story of directory

migration at boise cascade

Your end-of-life directory is holding you back. It’s plagued by performance issues and requires custom development to keep up with modern applications, APIs, and new business initiatives. You’ve considered upgrading your legacy directory with your existing provider, but you don’t want to pay more and remain captive in their closed environment. You’re ready to make a change, but you’re worried about downtime and business disruption during migration.


Migrating to PingDirectory is easier than you think. In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts at Ping Identity and Ben Hale, Infrastructure Manager at Boise Cascade who was once in your shoes. He’ll share why Boise Cascade chose PingDirectory and how they performed a zero downtime migration from Oracle DSEE. He’ll also discuss the range of benefits they see from a high performance, low maintenance directory that just works.

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