Bank of America's WAM Modernization with KPMG LLP
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Bank of America’s WAM Modernization with KPMG LLP

The hybrid on-prem/cloud future is here and it requires a state-of-the-art WAM (Web Access Management) solution.  Yet, we all know that fifteen to twenty year old first generation WAM environments are hard to replace. A handful of industry IAM (Identity & Access Management) executives and engineers have successfully embarked on this modernization journey, have learned how to obtain mandates from senior leadership to get it done and have experience with the challenging details.


Modernizing access management requires skillful planning and execution. For enterprises looking for a flight plan to “de-risk” the transition, one solid option is to enlist expert help. In this webinar, Jake Pzsonowsky, a Principal in CyberSecurity Advisory at KPMG, will outline their proven approach with delivering PingAccess enterprise implementation projects, automating the process and successfully migrating, testing and promoting of hundreds of applications into production.


Jeff Richardson, SVP of IAM for Bank of America, will share why he chose to migrate to Ping Identity’s solution and his experience working with KPMG to implement PingAccess.  He will cover business drivers and benefits such as:

  • Support of modern protocols, mobile applications & cloud

  • Self-service application onboarding

  • Streamlining dev/ops, and more….