GDPR & Customer IAM


The real winners won't

stop at compliance


Listen, on-demand, to our recorded webinar, to learn how customer identity and access management (Customer IAM) solutions can help you meet GDPR requirements out of the box, while also providing a single, unified customer profile, and enabling secure, seamless and personalized customer experiences across all channels and applications.


Presented by Remy Lyle, Solutions Architect - Global Technical Enablement, and Matt Klassen, Director of Product Marketing, at Ping Identity, it covers:


  • GDPR Overview
  • Key Technical Requirements of GDPR
  • How Customer IAM Helps Solve GDPR
  • Design Patterns for Consent Management


Note, this is a recorded webinar which took place on 27 June, 2017. For more information on GDPR and how our leading Customer IAM solution can turn a compliance challenge into an opportunity for your organization, visit or contact us today.