Better Together: How Cross-functional Collaboration can Ensure Customer IAM Success

Increasingly top brands are looking to customer identity and access management (CIAM) to kickstart their digital customer engagement efforts. But CIAM is a different animal than enterprise IAM. Because of its broad-reaching implications, a CIAM solution decision typically extends beyond IT’s purview to include several decision makers, like CMOs, CDOs, CIOs and CTOs. That’s a lot of Cs and Os that aren’t all typically part of these technology decisions. The ultimate decision maker may vary, but the business/marketing and technology teams must collaborate to identify the right solution for their organization.

So grab your business or technical counterpart and join us for this lively discussion on:

  • How identity impacts your customer experience AND your top line
  • Comparing CIAM requirements from business and technical perspectives
  • Key engagement steps for a successful CIAM collaboration