Behind the Scenes with the Creators of PingFederate

Software engineers share what makes them most excited about the

single sign-on solution


Why is PingFederate the gold standard for enterprise authentication and single sign-on? We asked the folks closest to the product—the software engineers who spent thousands of hours (and drank countless cups of coffee) creating PingFederate 9.1—to share what makes our SSO solution such a critical part of identity and access management infrastructure for many of the world’s largest corporations. For one engineer, it’s how easy the lightweight product is to install and manage. For another, it’s the consistent customer experience, while yet another is excited about how “the Swiss army knife of the single sign-on world” offers support for modern identity standards like OAuth and SAML. Watch this short video to hear first-hand about the SSO solution’s “superpowers”—and what it would be like to run into PingFederate at a party.

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