Identity Innovators: TIAA Pushes the Security Boundaries

Financial transactions in the digital age are often a sticky topic, raising conversations that range from privacy to security to fraud. But when we spoke with Rob Davis, Director of Security Services at TIAA, his focus was far from the gloom and doom you might expect from a security professional at a typical bank.


Rob focused on how TIAA is leveraging next-generation identity and access management capabilities to enable their clients to do more. They’ve launched a new mobile app and a watch app, and they’re even using fingerprint biometrics to secure their customers. Their digital transformation initiatives are gaining momentum, and they’ve accelerated some of their digital business models and seen significant improvements to customer experiences across web and mobile environments.

It sounds like identity is the key to giving security conversations a positive spin, even in the financial space. Watch this video to hear Rob talk about pushing the boundaries of security.

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