5 Ways to Boost Agility

5 Ways to Boost Agility by Transforming Workforce Identity

Workforce identity security speeds up your business and helps you get more work done. Until you get it right, your digital transformation is at a standstill. 


Here’s how workforce identity security helps you champion digital transformation so you can rapidly change direction to enable new business models and move faster than your competitors.

Accelerate the adoption of new digital business tools

In the weeks it takes to onboard new resources like SaaS productivity tools and internal apps and APIs to legacy identity and access management (IAM), you’re missing out on potential value. Empower app teams with self-service to instantly integrate their own resources to IAM and give your workforce one-click access to the latest productivity tools.

Automate identity security into the DevOps toolchain

93.8% of enterprises have already begun to adopt DevOps1 to shorten the software development lifecycle, but identity security is late to the party. It gets manually bolted on after the fact. Let’s change that. Cloud-ready Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration will help you bake your identity infrastructure into your DevOps toolchains.

Enable your business to leverage cloud to its full potential

Your business needs to leverage cloud for its speed, flexibility, scalability and cost-savings. Since identity is the front door to any digital business resource, your business isn’t ready for the cloud shift without it. By extending your identity infrastructure to the cloud, you can achieve rapid autoscaling, consistency and uptime and ultimately transition your business to the cloud securely.

Bridge your multi-cloud, multi-generational IT environment

You have a choice of running workloads, servers and apps in a combination of data centers and private/public clouds. But your users need quick access to resources no matter where they’re deployed so they can quickly flip between tasks. Deliver a consistent experience for your employees by building a powerful authentication authority that gives you identity independence across any application, any cloud, any directory, in any situation.

Change security policy globally

When identity security is left to application owners, IT security teams lack the visibility to enforce security policies enterprise-wide. With centralized identity security, they can propagate policy changes globally in real-time to respond to the latest threats. This makes identity security resilient, adaptive and agile, so the business can get high-reward projects to market faster at low risk.

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