Secure Your Customers’ Identity Data

Infographic: Secure Your Customers’ Identity Data

If your customers fear a data breach, they just won’t engage

Digital business is continuing to gain momentum, and companies are competing to deliver the online and mobile experiences that customers expect. Yet, the ability to protect your customers’ data from theft continues to be an obstacle that threatens the success of your digital presence.


As companies focus on digital transformations—collecting and using a growing amount of customer data—data security is an important consideration. That's why customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions that enable end-to-end data security are emerging as a key component of digital transformation plans. In this infographic, we share what’s driving a heightened focus on data security and how companies can protect their customers' identity data. You’ll see:

  • How many consumers don't engage in online or mobile activities because of data breach fears

  • Why companies are still lagging behind in their security efforts

  • How businesses can protect customer identity data to realize the full value of their digital transformation initiatives

Secure Your Customers’ Identity Data