Security Leader's Guide to Access Security

Security Leader's Guide to Access Security

Secure your web applications and APIs using mature identity standards.


Your users and applications have moved beyond the firewall, forever changing the face of access management. In a borderless world, how do you grant the right people access to the right things?

You won’t find the answer in your legacy web access management system. It’s not cut out for this challenge.


You need a new solution to solve for new requirements. That solution is found in modern access management.


Leveraging identity and supported by single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and policy-driven access, modern access management secures your web apps and APIs using mature identity standards, plus state-of-the-art authentication and authorization protocols. And that allows you to give the right people access the right things, seamlessly and securely.

In this quick guide, you’ll discover how an identity-centric approach to access management will give you the peace of mind you want and the access your users need.

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