The Ultimate Guide to MFA

Everything You Need to Know About MFA

How you can strengthen security and deliver a better experience with MFA


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) strengthens security by requiring that users provide at least two pieces of evidence, or authentication factors, to prove their identity. By requiring multiple authentication factors, MFA provides a higher level of assurance about the user’s identity. Even if one of the factors has been compromised, the chances that all of the factors have been compromised are low. 


Strong security traditionally meant poor experience. But with adaptive MFA, you can establish authentication requirements depending on the risk of the action being performed. If it’s high risk, like a financial transaction, you can require additional factors to prove identity. If it’s low risk, you can minimize authentication requirements.  


To learn even more about MFA, get this ultimate guide to discover:

  • How weak your users’ passwords really are

  • 5 common vulnerabilities that MFA protects against

  • Types of authentication factors and when to use them

  • How to strengthen security AND deliver a better experience

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