Passwords Just Don't Cut It Anymore

It's Time to Stop Talking About Passwords

Secure your enterprise and satisfy your users with

modern authentication


Whether you get your information from Deloitte, Gartner, KuppingerCole or dozens of other reputable sources, they’re all saying the same thing: passwords just don’t cut it any more. And they’re putting your enterprise at risk.


Yet, so many enterprises still rely on this outdated approach, claiming it's user friendly. That may have been true when all you had to remember was the PIN to your ATM card and combination of your gym locker, but those days are long gone.


Passwords alone are indisputably insufficient in today’s digital world. They lack the usability that today’s users demand. They can’t scale to deal with the number of apps users access. And as the basis of a static authentication protocol, they create very real security vulnerabilities.


Ready to move beyond passwords to a modern authentication solution? Read this quick reference guide to learn how contextual MFA will improve your security posture, while also providing a frictionless user experience.


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