PingCentral Demo

PingCentral: Speed and Agility through Delegated Self-service

Streamline the rollout of the Ping Intelligent Identity platform


The PingCentral self-service application integration portal allows identity and access management (IAM) teams to do more with less by empowering business teams to integrate their own apps and consume IAM services. A range of staff roles can collaborate in this solution regardless of IAM sophistication, speeding up the connecting process and saving time for more valuable business initiatives.


In this demo video, you’ll see PingCentral in action through the perspectives of both an application owner and an IAM administrator. Watch as Senior Product Manager Wylie Melberg logs in as an application owner and walks through the step-by-step processes of using a PingCentral template to onboard an application to central single sign-on (SSO) in PingFederate. 


He’ll also log into PingCentral as an IAM administrator to show how easy it is to set up standard templates, automate promotions across environment tiers to all Ping products, monitor resource ownership across SSO infrastructure, and more.


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